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My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Feels Like We’re Back in U.A. For The First Time in Over Six Months

Midoriya and Ida’s reunion with Hatsume is a welcome respite after months of conflict in the ongoing manga delivering on the humor fans of the anime will be familiar with before our heroes confront yet another insurmountable obstacle.





My Hero Academia Chapter Three Thirty-Nine by Kohei Horikoshi places Midoriya in a familiar position that fans of both the manga and anime will be quite familiar with. Hatsumei made her grand entrance on the final page of the previous chapter in the classic pose Hirikoshi had previously drawn her in back in chapter ninety-nine. However, the tone of chapter three thirty-nine is sharply different than when Hatsumei originally used this pose.

The gravity of that difference is five or six life altering events for young Midoriya so rather than explain, just look at Midoriya’s face. Midoriya’s been this serious for a while now, you see the manga has been pretty bleak since about March 2020. The anime will be returning with season six covering the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and though it may be epic it is not the hopeful MHA that is prevalent earlier in the series.

A welcome dose of humor was present in this chapter with Midoriya and Ida requesting Hatsumies assistance with repairing their costumes. Hatsumei is back with the physical style comedy that her character allows and Hirikoshi excels at. That familiarity she brings juxtaposed with the seriousness posed by Deku creates a sense of safety, but Hatsumei has grown since we last saw her. Hatsumei reminds Deku yet again that a hero must rely on others, and in doing so suggests she may have matured more than Deku at this point in the series despite all of the hardships Midoriya has had to endure. The chapter ends with All Might mobilizing the remaining heroes for what is being considered the second battle of the liberation war. Deku and Ingenium receive their new and improved costumes and we get a glimpse of Fatgum, Suneater, and Hado with a new haircut!

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