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Spider-Man Miles Morales Clone Selim is Here to Stay

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

If you think that Selim and the gang of Miles Morales clones will be dying soon then you underestimate the popularity of the original Clone Sage. Peter Parkers clones, Ben Reilly and Kaine, have gone on to become OG spider people in an ever expanding universe of spider related characters that may one day rival the X-Men in scope. This is exactly the reason why it is likely Selim, and possibly his brothers as well, will be new staples to the SpiderVerse.

With Marvels popularity as a household name growing year over year Sony will certainly be benefiting from that gain as well with their ownership over Spider-Man and his universe of characters. The line up of films are only just being positioned with the much anticipated Venom sequel as well as the ambiguous Spider-Man: No Way Home plot that very well may introduce a SpiderVerse into live action film. All of this to say that Marvel has every reason to reutilize these characters over time rather than introduce them only to then kill them off.

Miles Morales popularity continues to grow and as the announcement that Ben Reilly will soon be filling in for Peter Parker as the resident friendly neighborhood web head I sense Selim may have some elusive plot armor that Miles will find difficult to overcome.

Maybe he's not supposed to overcome it? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out!

Spider-Man Miles Morales #28 releases July 2021

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