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Spider-Man: No Way Home Sets Up Darker Stories for The Web Head

With the status quo of Peters life flipped upside down by Doctor Strange, Marvel has an opportunity to present a Peter with regard only for himself. What better source material to convey a new direction than with the addition of the Black Suit and the Black Cat to the MCU.

Spider-Man: No Way Home starring Tom Holland, Wilhelm Dafoe, Jamie Fox, Zendaya, Alfred Molina, & Benedict Cumberbatch has been referred to as Spider-Man Endgame in reference to the scope of the film. Upon the films conclusion it is clear the comparison was not made in exaggeration and Peter Parkers life will look very different going forward. Comic readers know that’s not as hopeful for our friendly neighborhood web head as many Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers may expect.

Thankfully, the Wall Crawler has plenty of source material to inspire Tom Holland and the writers at Marvel. They could follow suit with Insomniac Games Spider-Man and pursue the Symbiote Spider-Man narrative from several perspectives. If done so and portrayed correctly an edgier Spidey film led by an anti-hero Peter and Felicia could fit stylistically with Sony’s Venom films and upcoming Morbius film. The Symbiote or Black Suit is arguably the most popular Spider-Man suit aside from the classic attire and the current Symbiote Spider-Man run in Marvel Comics have been successful. The suit was originally utilized while Spider-Man was teaming up with the Black Cat. The inclusion of either the Symbiote Suit or the Black Cat would allow the MCU to portray a less idealistic Peter who perhaps when partnered with bad influences could make decisions that Hollands’s portrayal of Peter has not made with an aggression he has only touched upon.

According to multiple sources Sony is interested in casting Anya Taylor Joy of Netflix’s A Queen Gambit to play the role of Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as the Black Cat. The role of Hardy was played by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but there was never an opportunity for that version of the character to take on the Black Cat moniker. The popularity of The Black Cat, her own successful ongoing comic, and the potential hint of her presence in the recent Morbius trailer leaves the possibility we see some of the awkward flirting seen the comics between Ana Taylor Joy and Tom Holland, I mean Peter and Felicia, on the big screen. Whether or not we see the Blackcat, it is very likely Peter must confront his own symbiote without interacting with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. In the spirit of no spoilers, I will say no more, except that you should read the Venom run by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman if you’re interested in comic source material for multiverse traveling symbiotes.

Comic readers are eager to see the Black Suit and along with-it a less heroic Peter. It’s not out of the question that Marvel will treat many of us to Peter’s life in college, as everything falls apart around him, and have him be forced to make a choice between right and wrong. However, I would be very interested to see the negative influence of Felicia Hardy on Peter when he must choose between more power in the form of the symbiote suit. If he were to take on that much more power, would he take on greater responsibility in kind? Aunt May and Uncle Ben would tell him he must, but they might as well reboot the franchise if Peter never waivers in that choice.


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